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Creating a Dynamic Character Illustration
Keyframe Workflow using 3D-Coat, Daz3D & Photoshop with Bram Sels

Bram Sels

2h 10m | 10 Chapters

Designing Mechs in VR Using Medium
A Workflow Built for Speed & Flexibility with Andre-Lang Huynh

Andre-Lang Huynh

3h 53m | 11 Chapters

Dynamic Illustration Techniques Using ZBrush, Photoshop & Painter
From Concept to ZBrush to Final Illustration With Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson

3h 03m | 7 Chapters

Creating Stylized Hairstyles Using ZBrush
A Comprehensive Guide for Stylized Characters With Dan Eder

Dan Eder

2h 27m | 6 Chapters

Designing a Custom Kitbash Library
Hard-Surface Mech Set Using Blender With Gavin Manners

Gavin Manners

2h 08m | 9 Chapters

Creating Fantasy Illustrations With Procreate
Painting Compelling Characters on the iPad With Rafael Sarmento

Rafael Sarmento

2h 00m | 9 Chapters

Professional Character Design For Film
The Making Of "Div" With Ehsan Bigloo

Ehsan Bigloo

3h 35m | 9 Chapters

Creating a Realistic Humanoid 3D Character
Character Creation Workflow Using ZBrush, Maya, Mari & V-Ray With Babak Bina

Babak Bina

3h 53m | 7 Chapters

Sculpting with ZModeler
From Concept to Final Model in ZBrush With Daniel Zeni

Daniel Zeni

2h 03m | 10 Chapters

Modeling a Stylized Character for Games
From 2D Concept to Unreal Engine 5 Render With Kat Unsworth

Kat Unsworth

4h 31m | 11 Chapters

Enemy Creature Design for Games: FLESH-TEK — Vol. 1
Photoshop Concept Design Techniques With J.P. Targete

J.P. Targete

4h 07m | 6 Chapters

Enemy Creature Design for Games: FLESH-TEK — Vol. 1
Photoshop Concept Design Techniques With J.P. Targete

J.P. Targete

4h 07m | 6 Chapters

Designing a Transforming Super Mecha
Drawing & Rendering Robots Using Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop With Léo Chiola

Léo Chiola

3h 04m | 9 Chapters

Creating Stylized Characters for Production
From Concept to Render in ZBrush, Maya & Substance Painter With Carol Cornils

Carol Cornils

3h 24m | 10 Chapters

The Making of “RED MYST” With Maarten Verhoeven
Concepting Biomech Monsters in ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, KeyShot & Photoshop

Maarten Verhoeven

2h 37m | 7 Chapters

Creating a Stylized 3D Character Illustration
ZBrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer & Substance Painter Workflow With Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpe

5h 11m | 16 Chapters

Illustrating Dynamic Concept Designs
Creating a Polished Concept Using Photoshop With Abe Taraky

Abe Taraky

2h 13m | 6 Chapters

Real-Time Filmmaking in Unreal Engine 5 — THE EYE: CALANTHEK
The Making of the Award-Winning Short Film With Aaron Sims

Aaron Sims

5h 16m | 10 Chapters

CREATIVITY: Creature & World Design
Traditional & Photoshop Techniques With Iain McCaig

Iain McCaig

1h 29m | 6 Chapters

CREATIVITY: Story & Character Development
Traditional & Photoshop Techniques With Iain McCaig

Iain McCaig

3h 02m | 14 Chapters

Superhero Concept Design for Film & TV
Daz Studio, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer & Photoshop Workflow With Luca Nemolato

Luca Nemolato

2h 45m | 11 Chapters

Gesture Drawing Fundamentals
Essential Techniques For Sketching Figures With April Connors

April Connors

4h 46m | 13 Chapters

Creating Costume Concept Art for Film & TV
Concept Design Workflow for Photoshop With Gina DeDomenico

Gina DeDomenico

3h 35m | 6 Chapters

Creating a Stylized Female Character
The Making of Lyn-Z with Crystal Bretz

Crystal Bretz

6h 23m | 44 Chapters

How to make a Creature with Character
with Ian Joyner

Ian Joyner

3h 02m | 8 Chapters

Designing a Goddess of War
Step-by-Step Workflow with Andy Park

Andy Park

2h 52m | 8 Chapters

Cinematic Illustration for Film
Photoshop Techniques with Francesco Corvino

Francesco Corvino

2h 54m | 5 Chapters

The Art of the Armature
Mastering the Pose with John Brown

John Brown

3h 00m | 15 Chapters

Mech Design for the Entertainment Industry
with Furio Tedeschi

Furio Tedeschi

2h 44m | 10 Chapters

Sci-Fi Fantasy Design and Illustration
with Yohann Schepacz

Yohann Schepacz

4h 22m | 10 Chapters

Designing for Production in ZBrush
with Rafael Grassetti

Rafael Grassetti

2h 10m | 6 Chapters

Creating an Illustration from A to Z
with Pascal Blanché

Pascal Blanché

3h 50m | 7 Chapters

2D Fantasy Illustration
with Jana Schirmer

Jana Schirmer

2h 27m | 5 Chapters

Narrative Character Design
Creating Heroes with Ryan Meinerding

Ryan Meinerding

2h 23m | 5 Chapters

Designing Sci-Fi Military Robotics
with Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck

3h 17m | 8 Chapters

Creative Creature Design
with Neville Page

Neville Page

3h 20m | 6 Chapters

Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment
with Vitaly Bulgarov

Vitaly Bulgarov

3h 30m | 15 Chapters

Character Modeling for Production
Maximizing Your Workflow for Deadlines with Krystal Sae Eua

Krystal Sae Eua

4h 05m | 15 Chapters

Creating Hyper Realistic Characters in ZBrush
with Hossein Diba

Hossein Diba

4h 28m | 13 Chapters

Developing Storytelling Skills from Life
with April Connors

April Connors

3h 06m | 14 Chapters

Illustration From Imagination
“Blood Eels of the Siren’s Ossuary” with Cameron Scott Davis

Cameron Scott Davis

2h 24m | 11 Chapters

Character Concept Design
with Johnny Fraser-Allen

Johnny Fraser-Allen

3h 18m | 6 Chapters

Making Frankenstein's Monster
with Peter Zoppi

Peter Zoppi

5h 35m | 11 Chapters

3D Character Design
Sculpt, Model, Render with Josh Herman

Josh Herman

2h 08m | 11 Chapters

Sculpting a Stylized Character
with David Meng

David Meng

2h 30m | 10 Chapters

Mechanical Character Design
with Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson

3h 20m | 16 Chapters

A Pungent Character
Getting Grit Into Imaginary Faces with David Meng

David Meng

3h 07m | 9 Chapters

Creature and Character Design
Concept Sketching with Sang Jun Lee

Sang Jun Lee

3h 03m | 12 Chapters

Comic Book Pin Ups
The Art of Sex Appeal through Pose and Expression

Joe Benitez

2h 32m | 21 Chapters

Fantasy Sculpting
The Dragon of Argos

Shiflett Brothers

2h 37m | 12 Chapters