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Simon Littlejohn

FX Supervisor

Simon Littlejohn is an FX artist with a decade of experience in visual effects. He received a Master of Science degree from Drexel University and moved to Los Angeles soon after. While he started his career in compositing, he quickly transitioned to Houdini FX. Having served as an Adjunct Professor in graduate school, he has years of experience in teaching and enjoys creating tutorials for personal learning in Houdini. 

He believes The Matrix is objectively the best movie of all time and is still “pretty upset” about Game of Thrones

  • Simon is incredibly resourceful when creating FX. He always finds the most efficient way to get something done and can walk other artists through that process so the team can break down complex problems.

    - Hermes Crespo
    FX Supervisor

  • Simon is one of the best Houdini artists I’ve ever worked with. He has an innate ability to simplify the complex, and elevate the mundane.

    - Timothy Hanson
    VFX Supervisor

  • Simon Littlejohn consistently delivers on high-quality FX work. Whenever I’ve got a tricky effect to achieve or need something to just look awesome, I go to Simon first.

    - Billy Spradlin
    VFX Supervisor

  • I have been consistently lucky to have Simon on our shows because not only does he push the work forward in creative new ways, but he also runs and educates his team so that their best efforts get on the screen. Experienced, long-time artists [and] supervisors still learn a thing or two from Simon and it’s truly great to get a chance to work with him.

    - Jeffrey Baksinski
    Creative Director at Zoic Studios