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Guilherme Rambelli

3D Artist at DICE

Guilherme Rambelli started his career working as a 3D Generalist at “Hello There”, helping to create promos for clients such as Marvel, Hasbro, Bravo TV and Toyota, creating, scanning and assembling 3D environments. In 2015, Guilherme joined 8i Labs, a group created by former Weta Digital artists to research and create a new format of volumetric capture using photogrammetry and other techniques. There, Guilherme was responsible for creating & delivering environments for VR experiences combining 3D scanning and digital 3D techniques for projects with NASA, Warner Brothers, Buzz Aldrin and others. Currently, Guilherme works at DICE Los Angeles as a 3D artist, participating on the development of the Battlefield franchise, as well as researching new methodologies to create real-time content.