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Francesco Orru

Freelance Digital Sculptor

Francesco Orru is a digital sculptor based in London, working in 3D printing, boardgame miniatures, collectibles, and games. He is currently working freelance for clients, including NECA, Valkyrx Gaming, and Draco Studios among many others. He graduated from Bologna University and completed an MA in Computer Animation at Kingston University part-time while working in 3D printing production, indie games, and wargame miniatures. 

Follow Francesco on Instagram @4theswarm and on Facebook @francesco.orru.77.

  • Francesco has been sculpting outstanding miniatures for several years for some of the best in the industry. Both his technical knowledge and creativity make him a desirable artist to work with as well as an excellent source to learn from!

    - James Cain
    Assistant Art Director at XM Studios

  • Francesco is an amazing 3D Artist & Sculptor. His attention to detail and his work ethic is of the highest caliber. His understanding of anatomy and how it translates from 2D concepts to 3D sculpture is simply magnificent. Those watching his Gnomon Workshop tutorial are in for a fantastic lesson!

    - JP Targete
    Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator

  • I’ve worked with Francesco many times as both a concept artist and an art director, and his sculptures always make me smile with awe and admiration. Francesco is an Artist and Craftsman in the truest sense of the words. He understands that sculpting from a concept isn’t simply about a dutiful reproduction in three dimensions; it’s about understanding form, anatomy, weight distribution, the attitude and posture of the subject, and so much more. Francesco embraces these nuances through his skills, and the end results are nothing short of fantastic.

    - Thomas W. Babbey
    Art Director & Concept Artist