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Dominique Buttiens

Principal Environment Artist at The Chinese Room

Dominique Buttiens has been working in the videogame industry since 2015 and currently works at The Chinese Room as a Principal Environment Artist. He has worked on numerous titles, including For Honor, Hyperscape, Synced: Off-Planet, and Disney Infinity. His clients include Ubisoft, LucasArts, Avalanche, NExT Studios, Dekogon, and Sumo Digital. As an environment artist, he currently focuses on modeling, level design, and texturing pipelines for games, and he also enjoys exploring lighting and more technical skill sets.

  • Dominique is an immensely talented artist who drives up the quality of work of those around him. He can cast a critical eye and offer insightful analysis on how things can be better. This is paired with a generous approach to guiding artists, sharing his extensive knowledge, and teaching teams better workflows.

    - Laura Dodds
    Lead Artist at The Chinese Room

  • Within a short time of working together, it became immediately clear that Dominique was going to be an invaluable member of the art team at The Chinese Room. His artistic and technical craft, passion, and attention to detail inspire not only the artists he works with directly but also the other disciplines across the projects, as he works holistically, keeping a keen eye on what the player should be feeling and experiencing in their journey through our games.

    - John McCormack
    Art Director at The Chinese Room

  • Dominique is an exceptionally talented artist. Having worked directly with Dominique over several years, I’ve witnessed some of his brilliant work. He’s got a fantastic skillset, from prop creation to level art to lighting; he’s a hugely passionate artist and has a great eye for detail. He also has a great technical ability that he’s able to leverage to make smart decisions and push the quality of his work at a rapid pace.

    - James Charlick
    Lead Artist at Studio Gobo