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James A.J. Miller

Environment Artist, Dreamworks Animation

James Miller has been working in digital media since 2002 and has been building environments for franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fast and Furious, and How to Train Your Dragon since 2012. During this time, he has worked for ILM, DreamWorks, and Double Negative as a Generalist, and he continues to thrive off of finding new and exciting techniques to add to the proverbial bag of tricks.  

His environments vary wildly from photoreal to fantasy — yet are always iconic, ranging from dark and sinister to surreal. He has a passion for teaching and finds sharing his tricks and techniques with others almost as exciting as discovering them in the first place. You can also find first-hand techniques from some of the shots he's created for Hollywood productions on
 his YouTube channel, and find him on ArtStation.

  • James is an artist of the highest grade and a consummate teacher. He is always pushing the edge of what's possible in 3D artistry with today's tools. Having worked on some of the biggest blockbusters in the film industry, James has a wide range of knowledge that he brings to his classes. His biggest asset when it comes to teaching is his patience; the willingness to walk someone through the process at their own pace.

    - Chris Grun
    Head of Environments at DreamWorks Animation