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Drawing the Female Portrait

Construction and Abstraction Methods


In this demonstration, you will learn how to construct a female portrait using construction and abstraction methods from front view, 3/4 view and profile. Along with the several comprehensive demonstrations, there are also demonstrations on form design, abstraction design, the features of the face and more. The expanded demonstrations also cover drawing in both charcoal as well as graphite. This title is packed with academic information, watch it in small portions, then watch it again and again to absorb it all.

Duration: 5h 55m

Format: HD 1280x720

Ron Lemen

sketches • paintings • drawings • illustrations

Ron's art career first started in the Action Sports Industry working as a layout artist, logo designer, and board graphic illustrator. Moving in to more involved illustrations and conceptual design, he went back to school and is a graduate of the Atelier System, classically trained, and a former pupil of Sebastian Capella, Spanish portrait virtuoso. He has been a concept designer and art director in the video game industry for 10 years with dozens of clients including Sony, Activision, Ubi Soft, Mattel and more. Now freelancing fulltime, his clients include Blizzard, Time Warner, Wizards of the Coast, Marvel Comics, Disney, and more. In addition to illustrating and Portrait Painting, Ron has been an art instructor for the last 19 years. Together with his wife Vanessa, the two run their art school in Encinitas Ca., Studio 2nd Street.com, where they instruct classical foundation, fine art painting, illustration and conceptual design. Ron is also a faculty member at LAAFA and with TAD.org.

  • "Ron Lemen is one of the most gifted teachers in the field of entertainment. His art speaks for itself and his ability to educate runs just as deep. Ron is a passionate artist with an innate gift for communicating complex creative theory into easily understood theory. When I run into Ron's students, the comments are always the same 'Ron is the best teacher I've ever had.' I witnessed Ron in action many times at the international art and design workshops and online. No doubt you too will learn a lot from him."

    - Jason Manley
    President www.theartdepartment.org Founder conceptart.org and Massive Black Inc.